My name is Christopher and this is my personal blog. Where I publicly share some of my deepest thoughts and questions. Accompanied by sharing a little of my personal life journey for reasons of personal therapy, growth, and necessary vulnerability. I’m NOT a guru or a teacher. Nor am I somebody who likes to give personal advice publicly out into the public domain to strangers who I do not personally know. Iā€™m just an average human being, who is equal to you. I like you, am subjected to the same world around you that is stained and distorted by toxic tribal conformity ideologies. A world that has lost objectivity and sound reason. And the consequences of leaving behind objective reason has left us with a deficit of critically important foundational upstanding character principles. Like, true-love, mercy, justice, forgiveness, respect, dignity, self-reliance, and etc. And instead we’ve become ingrained with the toxic polar opposite antithesis of these righteous character traits. But here in your interactions with me, it will not be so. Here in my space, character trumps the ideology of intelligence. This space is not about who is wrong or who is right. Here I will give you the true love, empathy, and compassion that you deserve. And overall, I hope that my personal therapy can also be therapeutic for you on your life journey as well. I hope that my writings will inspire you to share with me in the comments as well. I would love to hear from you! So please, share with me your lovely thoughts if you desire. And as always I appreciate, and thank everyone for all of the views, likes, comments, follows, reblogs.

Stay Beautiful!

Christopher šŸ™‚



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