The Abyss – A Collaboration

This writing is a collaboration that I did with my best friend thecreativechic which was originally published on January 15, 2022. You can find the link to the original post here.

she sits
in the darkness
of the night
inside the obscurity
of her cold mind
beneath the cold surface
where her screams
are silent
where her dreams
are the inner voice
of violence
here there is no help
to fight the demons
who torture her
tormented soul
in the abyss
frozen in the
paralysis of fear
she weeps
a thousand tears
that no one can
wishing to faintly
from hearing these
twisted words they
as they replay
her tragic past
whispering the madness
into her ears
reminding her of
the unspoken tragedy
these diabolical
locked tight inside
the confines
of her heart
longing to be forsaken
from this prison
but never meant
to escape
or so they say
to shine outside
into the
beaming light

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful masterpiece. Do me a favor if your heart so desires, and go give thecreativechic a like on this original post, and give her a follow as well while you’re at it.

I will finish by saying that this collaboration in particular for me personally, is one that I’m BEYOND proud of. I will never forget the feelings of pure joy, excitement, and shock as to how good this was upon it’s completion. The expression that was on my face upon seeing what would become the final product, was without a doubt priceless. I want to thank thecreativechic from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to add my words to this masterpiece. This is something that I will always cherish and never forget.

And if you’re ever lost inside of the darkness of the unspoken tragedies of your past, please know that you’re strong enough and already have the keys in your hands to overcome your tragedy. Death and darkness is not where beautiful flowers like YOU belong dear reader. But instead YOU belong outside into the beaming light that is life. Which already eagerly awaits your presence in the call that it is now giving you. All you have to do is choose it because YOU ALONE ARE WORTH IT!




6 responses to “The Abyss – A Collaboration”

  1. I couldn’t be happier with how this has turned out. This is such a great writing, that I too am so proud of. It was such a pleasure to be able to work with you. I hope we can again soon.

    I hope that whoever reads this feels and knows that they are worthy of this life. They are so beautiful and they are enough!

    Christopher, you’re my best friend, and you’re such a great human being. Please keep sharing and loving. I love you! ❤

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    1. You’re such a beautiful soul! I’m very grateful for the opportunity I had to write with you. I hope we can work together again soon too. I love that we’re both proud of this. I couldn’t agree more with everything that you said.

      This writing will forever be special to You and I. Your kind words mean everything to me. I love you too best friend! ❤ I always have and I always will.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Come And Read This!!!

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      1. It is always an honor and pleasure to read what you write on your own or with a collaborator!! 😊💕🌹

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    1. Thanks man! It really means a lot. This writing in particular especially is special to me. So thanks a bunch for the reblog! 🙂

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